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Coco Avatar

Ormstown QC - No internet for the past 45 minutes or so

1 month ago
Papa Wolf Avatar

Papa Wolf
J0L 2H0 Hemmingford Que No internet, no signal from the street, home wifi up

1 month ago
Ramit5100 Avatar

Voila!! 9 Sept 2022 08h17...Dery internet service has been restored in J0L2N0 area!!

2 months ago
Ramit5100 Avatar

9 Sept 2022 08h12...Dery internet service still down in J0L2N0 area!!

2 months ago
Ramit5100 Avatar

Major internet outage affecting the greater south shore area of Montreal (450). Cause is currently under investigation and service outage duration cannot be accurately defined at this time. Will update when new information is acquired. Stay calm, Dery is aware of and addressing the situation to provide it's valued customers with the stable and reliable service they expect! I am a customer of 3 yrs and this is the first time there has been any problem of this type!

2 months ago
Pier-luc Avatar

No internet j0k2b0 saint-côme

3 months ago
Jess Avatar

No TV or internet service since yesterday morning...what's going on? This is ridiculous going on day 2 of no service at all... J0k3k0 isn't even listed why isn't it working?

5 months ago
Sylvie Mohs  Avatar

Sylvie Mohs
Fort-coulonge qc tv black screen grrrrr what happened ? Dery ? J0x 1v0

5 months ago
Dan Avatar

No TV. Glad I am moving out of Dery area soon,

5 months ago
Pat Burns Avatar

Pat Burns
The GUIDE option works but when I select the program, the TV goes black. On every channel, nothing comes in. This is happening in Baie-St-Paul, Quebec. Sunday night, 8:55pm, 6/26/2022

5 months ago
Michelle  Avatar

No tv all day. Cannot reach anyone

5 months ago
Linda Belland Avatar

Linda Belland
No tv Campbell’s Bay Quebec J0X1K0

5 months ago
Ed Scalia  Avatar

Ed Scalia
Come on Dery! What the hell is the problem??? Huntingdon J0S1H0

5 months ago
Taina Avatar

J0S1K0 Ormstown. No TV service all day. What's going on with Dery? This is getting old

5 months ago
Jean Villemeuve Avatar

Jean Villemeuve
A Sainte-Cécile de Masham on n'a plus de Télévision.j0x2w0

5 months ago
Christina Taylor Avatar

Christina Taylor
Nothing in Hemmingford since early pm! Only the menu! Nothing other than that!

5 months ago
Wolf Avatar

I dont even live near Montreal and im experiencing an outage as of this morning of june 26 2022 and i cant even get them on the phone to talk to them. This company is starting to be shitty as hell.

5 months ago
Smb Avatar

Get with orogram and fix your equipment. Tons of outages can't watch TV during pandemic. Time to get rid of you

5 months ago
Peter Avatar

Dery is crap. Outages and problems are a daily occurance do not use this company. I am looking for a different provider. Worst company ever

7 months ago
Miguel Rivest Avatar

Miguel Rivest
The amount of outages we have been experiencing lately is absolutely ridiculous. Dery will go off for hours on end some days. It's not very convenient when trying to do work from home. When you spend as much money as you do now for internet, you'd expect the service to be reliable. No warnings, no explanation, just goes off and you're expected to just deal with it. Not happy with their product.

11 months ago


About Dery Telecom

Dery Telecom offers telecommunication services specifically targeting the rural areas. They focus on their innovation by evolving their ideas. They have recently launched a hybrid network which is made up of optical fiber and coaxial cable. They have made it to the top of the list of the best telecommunication providers in Quebec according to “Protegez-Vous” the survey published in 2019.

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Reported outages on 25.11.2022:
There were a total of 2 outages at Dery Telecom. The most frequently affected cities were: Montreal
Reported outages on 24.11.2022:
There were a total of 4 outages at Dery Telecom. The most frequently affected cities were: Calgary, Montreal
Reported outages on 22.11.2022:
There were a total of 2 outages at Dery Telecom. The most frequently affected cities were: Queens, Calgary