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Quinn 1 month ago
Internet had been out all day arichat B0E 1A0

Rufus 1 month ago
Cable internet network is down Hamilton, ON

Rhonda Jefferson 4 months ago
Brazil Lake, N.S, Yarmouth County. Internet is down again, I hope these outages are reflected on my next bill

Dwayne Baker 4 months ago
Internet out Sydney NS B1S2L6. This is pathetic, thinking on going with someone else

Austin 4 months ago
Internet is out in NS B2N

Angie 4 months ago
Internet is out chester basin ns

Lyn 4 months ago
Still out of internet connection since monday. It’s been 3 days now. This is so frustrating. Amherst nova scotia

tgray 4 months ago
Service back up Yarmouth Co. About time.

Al 4 months ago
The lack of customer service from Eyesurf is astonishing! Try to get them on the customer service line! No updates, no sorry messages on theire Facebook page, nothing! Still no internet since yesterday 1 PM! Spryfield,NS - B3P

Mark 4 months ago
Back in Ontario with 50 over the air tv with HD antenna internet outage didnt really matter. Nova scotia has two tv channels lmfao. So HD antenna basically useless. We all put our eggs in one basket and when this happens we all start freaken out lol…..

Sue long 4 months ago
Still no internet in bear river east called office suppose to be open at 8 no way to contact what's is up ?? Have only wifi in my house for everything tv ugggg

Keith Blizzard 4 months ago
Still no internet since yesterday morning B2N6M7 Truro NS

Angie Eagles 4 months ago
Still no internet in Chester Basin been out since yesterday morning!!

Mary 4 months ago
Was in the middle of a live FaceTime job interview yesterday when I lost my internet (I have no data) Called and was on hold for almost 45 minutes then told I should have internet within 1 to 2 hours…..that was 19 hours ago…. The loss of a potential job is devastating in today’s economy. Can someone please give me some kind of an update as I’ve been on hold again for another hour without getting through

Kaitlin 4 months ago
Still no internet in liverpool B0T1K0… people has to work online and one can only do so much with their data… I think being reimbursed for data useage to complete their work needs to be paid for since people gotta work in order to pay the bill…

Walter 4 months ago
No internet two days now Cape Breton

Dave 4 months ago
Amherst...still no internet.

Ramona 4 months ago
B4V1N1 + bridgewater no internet still....

Melissa 4 months ago
Still no internet in antigonish it is 4am

Heidi 4 months ago
B0S 1C0 Found this on FB!! READ IT Everyone! Outage update: According to our vendor (Eastlink), restoration appears to be on pace to have service restored by midnight today. We appreciate your patience as we await resolution of this matter. Thank you, Eyesurf Customer Care


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Reported outages on 27.11.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at Eyesurf. The most frequently affected cities were: Lower Sackville
Reported outages on 25.11.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at Eyesurf. The most frequently affected cities were:
Reported outages on 23.11.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at Eyesurf. The most frequently affected cities were: Montreal