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Lygos Avatar

Have to reboot daily ever since that Rogers outage in June

1 month ago
Kathy Avatar

Modem keeps cutting off internet. On Chrome it says "oh snap" and I've had to reload the same page at least 14 times in an hour. (M6M2E5)

3 months ago
David Avatar

No internet Saturday to Tuesday morning. Now down again (Wednesday) . R3T 3z5

3 months ago
Erica Avatar

R3T 5X4 Winnipeg

3 months ago
Erica Avatar

After three days of outage, it came back yesterday, had been OK until this morning... Occasionally lost connection and then now no Internet again.

3 months ago
RT Avatar

S7H4N6 - Saskatoon, no internet since Friday evening. Called, sent email and so on, they dont give a Shi** saying, we dont know, we dont care. Already ordered another internet service OXIO (check out guys) and get rid of these nonsense service. I understand issues happen, and of course on most important days, long weekend when everybody planned to come and watch some movies, fun... we get no service but worst, they dont care. No a single word, no ACK, no any info/update. I would be done with these useless guys in few days.

3 months ago
Barrett Avatar

3rd day no internet. Same issue nothing has changed. My router still gets a DHCP lease, IP address and gateway but no packets get through. Been pinging google DNS server 100% packet loss. Have an open ticket, they claim its a shaw issue but neighbour has shaw and has had zero interuptions. St Andrews R1A 2Z1

3 months ago
Alper Demir Avatar

Alper Demir
Here in Victoria, BC it is the same! Do not have internet since Saturday morning. And here in BC it is a long weekend and I am afraid they would not take care of it until Tuesday. It looks like they don't have any contingency plans or emergency service understanding! No one-two hours or one day, three days of no internet. What could be the issue I am so wondering. Finished all my data plan on my cell phone and had to buy extra data as we need internet for almost everything! Super frustrating!

3 months ago
Brandon Avatar

Going on day 3 of no Internet service. I'm still not aware of Cannet having publicly acknowledged that they have an outage. Tech support will admit it but they give no cause or ETA for restoring services. Maybe they are hoping some people won't notice that they aren't getting the service they paid for. I'm 100% switching providers after this, especially after learning (in trying to get news of this outage) that others have reliably seen their internet throttled to 2 Mbps after 6 pm. Apparently tech support tells them to restart their modem and it's magically fixed. What BS. This is all on their end, it doesn't take an engineer to see through that nonsense. It's a game they play with their customers and I'm sick of that too. Winnipeg R3M 0W3.

3 months ago
Frank Avatar

R2G Going on 3 days without services. Talked to thier technical and customer services after being on hold 3 times now. No updates or any kind of reason for the outage given. No eta or estimate for it to be fixed given. We rely on our internet for all our media needs. So have had no forms of media this entire time. Absolutely ridiculous!!! Starting to consider other options at this time and wondering if cheaper is really worth it.

3 months ago
Winnipeg Avatar

No internet since past 2 days. So frustrating. Hate this

3 months ago
Brittaney  Avatar

Internet has been down since Friday (July 29th) and still no ETA or even the cause of the problem . Nanaimo BC

3 months ago
Shay Avatar

It's actually extremely offensive that they're not even acknowledging the internet for all of Canada has been down for over two days now. I know they're a small company compared to rogers. But Rogers at least updated their customers a few times a day. All across Canada the internet has been down for 2 to 3 days. Appears it hit BC first and quickly spread across Canada. Manitoba has been down since 6:00 a.m. July 30th. When you call you're on hold for at least 15 minutes while they do absolutely nothing and answer that they don't know when it's going to be back up. What are we paying for?

3 months ago
Fraser  Avatar

Internet has been out for 2 full days, no updates on when it's supposed to return. Frustrating. Victoria, BC

3 months ago
Bruce Avatar

No internet for two days, v8m 2k5 Victoria. BC.

3 months ago
Frank Avatar

Services have been down here for 2 days. Can't get any eta for fix. R2G1R5 Winnipeg

3 months ago
Wpg Avatar

No internet in Winnipeg all day yesterday and again today.

3 months ago
Scott Avatar

No internet here either, close to Calgary. It's been down going on 2 days now

3 months ago

No internet yesterday all day and still no service today R3T5N2, winnipeg

3 months ago
Robert Avatar

R3C Winnipeg - down all day yesterday and still down now.

3 months ago


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